1. Managing user privileges – Some of you might say, “Why do we need to prevent colleagues from accessing certain areas on the systems or internet?” Well… If an important file gets corrupted or deleted by accident, it can cause a huge dilemma in the office! Managing user privileges stops your colleagues from accessing certain files on a computer, such as not being able to get into the programme files that could cause serious damage to a computer they are using or even a server! This won’t prevent anyone at the office from being able to work, however It will only prevent the worst from happening.
  2. Malware Prevention –Malicious Software are hidden files that latch onto a computer or system and infect it with a Virus, Trojan, Ransomware etc. Malicious Software has many ways of getting on to your system and you want to contain viruses before they reach the core of your infrastructure. So how can we barricade computers getting viruses? We recommend that every computer has Anti-Virus software installed, such as MacAfee or our Managed Antivirus services to prevent your system from being in harm’s way.
  3. Monitoring Systems – If there is a document that is highly valued to the business and if someone were to get a copy of this file it could potentially put the business at risk, what impact do you think it could have? Money Loss, Downtime, you name it. It can happen if nothing is being monitored. So, how would one cease this from happening? Monitoring Systems allow you to see where files have been transferred and who has transferred them, and can also block users if they are doing something that is against the rules. This will give you the upper hand if you have noticed files being deleted or a security issue that keeps occurring.
  4. Disaster Recovery and backups – Files can always be lost, but it’s how it is recovered and how long it takes that makes the issue important. In some cases, I have seen Businesses lose all of their data and have no way of recovering it, which then causes a major downtime that leads to loss of money or even closure. We all know that work keeps the food on the table and roof over your head and we want to make sure that no one is affect by data loss or any significant issues caused by Cyber Attacks or Downtime.
  5. Educating Colleagues – I know you’ve probably heard this over and over, but educating users on how to use a computer correctly can prevent security threats from happening. From Social Media sites to Websites, these can cause security breaches within businesses. As Social Media sites grow every year threats occur more often and can be a large issue if used within a business environment. Attackers have set up accounts where they will either obtain email address or social media profile and then send an attachment which contains a virus. Without knowing the process, the hackers can carry out deploying viruses on computers so that they become vulnerable to a devastating attack.