I wanted to let you all know that Supreme Systems is now an Accredited Growth Vouchers Advisers.

The Growth Vouchers scheme is a £30m government programme designed to help small businesses get strategic business advice on areas to do with finance and cashflow, recruiting and developing staff, improving leadership and management skills, marketing, attracting and keeping customers and making the most of digital technology.

How does this affect my business

Well if you are considering getting strategic advice on any of the areas mentioned above, the government will give you up to £2,000 (50% subsidy) to get the help you need.

£2,000? What’s the catch?

See that’s the great thing – there is no catch, neither are there any hurdles to jump over. Growth vouchers are given on a random basis so your chance of getting one is fairly good.

Give me some ideas on how I can use my voucher to “make the most of digital technology”

The scheme is part of a government experiment to find out the impact of advice on small business growth so you can only use your vouchers to pay for “strategic business advice”​. ​

In relation to IT, the advice could be used for addressing the risks of cyber-attacks, or exploring how digital technologies can be used to reduce costs, improve productivity or quality control. Give me a call if you want to discuss how you can take advantage of this scheme for your business.

How do I find out more about the scheme?

Visit www.gov.uk​ (click on link) or the enterprise nation market place. I would advice you apply to receive a voucher even if you do not have anything in mind at present. Once you are approved you have three months to use your voucher. The scheme is due to expire March 31st 2015 and only 20,000 small businesses will be selected.

Give me a call, Angie Hart on 0121 309 0060 ext 2 if you want to know more about the scheme.

IT plays such an integral role in the way organisations work that when they go wrong it can cause a massive disruption to day to day work.


We class an IT disaster as anything that prevents you from using your critical IT systems and accessing your critical business data. This can include:

•         Server Failure

•         A Power Cut

•         Sabotage by a disgruntled employee

•         Accidental deletion

•         Virus/Malware

•         Application Failure

The scenarios listed above are typical of those we see often – and can happen to any business. According to a research conducted by the Gartner Group in 2012, any company with poor or no DR solution will incur on average 29.4hrs downtime following an IT disaster.


How much will this cost your business?

Think about the loss in productivity, loss in income and most importantly how your business’s reputation will be affected if you are unable to work for 29.4hrs. That’s 4.2 business days! In our opinion, this is a mild estimate. We know of one business that was unable to work for two weeks following a server failure!


999RESTORE – the Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution from Supreme Systems can have you back up and running in just two hours following a major system failure


Some Features of 999RESTORE


4hr Return Time of Service

This is the maximum time that we guarantee you will be unable to work for. We can simply switch to your virtual server hosted in our data centre or replace your faulty server with a hot spare whilst we repair or replace faulty parts; resolve the issue or reconfigure a new server.


30 Min Return Point of Service

This is the maximum data loss you will suffer. Our solution provides 30 minute incremental snapshots of your system which allows for optimal recovery points.


Bare Metal Restore

Our solution allows us to restore your server as is – i.e. with all the software, applications and configurations ready to go as they were from the last snapshot.


Microsoft Exchange Granular Restore

Microsoft Exchange has become one of today’s most critical business applications and losing access to this data for even a short period of time can be damaging to any business. 999RESTORE from Supreme Systems recovers an Exchange server in its entirety quickly and seamlessly.