We all agree that having a Business Continuity Plan is essential to ensure your business continues as normal within a short space of time following any disaster. Disaster Recovery is an essential aspect of your BC Planning and below we have listed 5 key must haves that you should have to ensure a quick recovery.

1. An alternative place to work

No true BCP is complete if you do not have a place where you and your team (or your key people) can continue to operate from. Our recommendation would be to have a dedicated site for your business that replicates exactly your current infrastructure. If this is unaffordable, at least ensure the site you choose has good internet connectivity. We would also advise having your Work Place Recovery Site (WPRS) in a completely different location to where your business currently is – so if your business is based in Solihull, consider having your WPRS in Birmingham.

RE: Having your own dedicated WPRS site with replicated infrastructure – there are ways of achieving this that will not cost the earth. Give Angie Hart a call on 0121 309 0060 ext. 2 and she will tell you more.

2. Email Recovery

Our recommendation is for Exchange Online (Office 365) – which allows you to access your emails from anywhere. We are seeing many businesses switch to Exchange Online rather than having it on premise for this exact same reason as it provides complete protection and redundancy for their emails.

3. Critical Device Protection

We all have them – devices in our businesses which if they went “pop” would have a big impact on the business. We are not talking servers here…oh no – more the day to day items that allow our businesses to tick along smoothly. So think of your “manufacturing PC”, “the accounts laptop”, “the MD’s tablet or laptop”. Your routers and switches are key to the business and you should have some sort of provision to ensure that you can get replacements quickly if anything goes wrong with them.

Our critical device protection service guarantees to replace your critical devices within 2hrs – preconfigured and ready to go. We have seen a lot of interest for this service and it is no surprise considering that it can take up to 5 days to get a fully functioning replacement in place.  Yes warranties are good to have – but what good is a warranty when it can only guarantee a next day replacement (imagine if that replacement is your MDs laptop which he needs for his important business trip to China..) Want to know more? Give Angela a call on 0121 309 0060 ext 2

4. Get a good DR Solution for your servers

Not all DR Solution are made the same – so get a good solution that will offer bare metal recovery (so it captures everything, not just data but applications as well), allow for very fast RTO (how quickly you can get back up and running) and very small RPO (how much data time wise you lose).

5. Find an IT Partner you can trust…

Preferably one that understands how much of an impact the disaster could potentially have on your business (reputation, loss of revenue, financial cost of the business not working as it should) will happily work from 9 – fixed (be it in the evenings or weekends) and you can call at any time. Sounds like a company we know… :-)

We hope you enjoyed our post. Comment if you have any other suggestions to add to the list – or give us a call on 0121 309 0060 if we can give any assistance with your DR planning.