A few months back we received a frantic call from our customer, a small business owner whose business had been involved in a fire that had completely engulfed their offices. Although no one had been hurt in the fire, the business provided critical support services to the NHS, so it was essential that they were back up and running in a short time.

I remember the call from John as if it were yesterday.

“As you know Angela we have our dr site where our users can work from” he said “the only problem is the server. We have backups which is great but we will need to have a new server”

“Yes I said, we can…”

“that’s the thing” he interrupted “we can’t wait more than 48hrs, well 72hr max to have a new server in place” “We really need your help to push ahead with this, 72hrs max is all we can afford to be without the server for”

“Yes but we can…”

“I know you have to rebuild the server and put in all the software things again. Will we need to pay for the software again? I am guessing you store our licence keys so we won’t have to pay again but we need to install them again yes? Do you think we can do it all in 2 days at a push”

“We can do it in 2hrs if you want John”


“2hrs – with your DR server if you want John. Everything is there ready to go – all your apps, software, everything. Let us know where you will be working from and the guys can bring the server down and connect your users up”

In his panic our friend John had forgotten that he paid us a monthly fee to use our DR service to ensure that his team could be back up and running in a short space of time following an IT disaster. On a monthly basis we did battle John and I, over DR – he claiming that he saw no value in continuing to pay for a DR Service that he could foresee never using whilst I argued that its existence was essential to the continuity of the business, a sort of insurance policy. Common sense prevailed each time and the DR Service stayed – and thank goodness!

The next morning our client appeared on the BBC to talk about their experiences. This sentence made me smile – “it is business as usual for us. Our robust business continuity plans mean we can continue as normal – within a matter of hours in fact, providing the critical services that our clients rely on us for”

I made a mental note to say “I told you so” at the next client review…

If Disaster Strikes…what would happen to YOUR Business?

Think about it. Imagine you suffer a major system outage. You are unable to access your servers (yes all of them – it can happen!). The Sales Department is at a standstill – no one can send quotes or follow up on leads because the CRM software is on the server. Accounts are unable to send out new invoices or chase outstanding ones because…Sage is on the server. The Manufacturing Team are unable to process orders because the software that tells them what needs making…is on the server and of course no one is able to access those maddening servers! Your entire team all 50 (100, 200, 500?!) of them are having an extended coffee break on you – plus your IT company tells you that they may be able to have things back to normal in about 48hrs…

IT Disasters are a real possibility – don’t leave things to change.

A disaster recovery solution is an investment against the potential loss that may arise from an IT Disaster – and they do occur. We are offering a FREE DR Consultation in July and August. Give us a call to book yours – we have 15 of these available. Call 0800 001 5942 or send us an email to vip@www.supremesystems.co.uk