This post is really a letter of gratitude to the movers and shakers of the technology world – to say thank you for how they have truly revolutionised the way we live and work.

Last week my colleague Suzie hit a brick wall when trying to find some information on behalf of our client. “Why don’t you try Google” said Sim – Client Services Manager. Within 10 minutes of conducting a search on Google she had found the information she required. “Where would we be without Google!” she shrieked and clapped her hands in glee!

Where exactly! And not just Google, in fact – where would we be without the technological advances of brought to us by Microsoft, Apple, RIM, Facebook and Twitter. Most PCs and Laptops that we use both at home and at work are powered by software developed by Microsoft; Smartphones such as RIM’s BlackBerry are a business person’s best friend and Apple’s iPad has revolutionised the way we use computers. Where will Facebook and Twitter users be without their daily updates, retweets and the like?

The effect these tech giants now have on our day to day lives became more evident to me on a recent holiday trip.

After strong arming “workaholic hubby” to take some time off we agreed on a 12 night cruise to the Mediterranean taking in ports such as Madeira, Lisbon, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. Although I was glad for the time off there was a sense of dread that I would be unreachable in case of emergencies especially as we had just kicked off a new marketing drive. What if I was urgently needed to redraft a piece of literature? What about new leads that came in? Would I be able to respond accordingly or at least instruct the team on how to respond? What if I was unreachable? I noticed there were two sea days on the itinerary (when you are on the sea far from land and far from any form of communication). This meant that I would be completely out of reach during those days!

I needn’t have worried.

My trusted Blackberry ensured that I received every email message sent to me even during sea days because although we were stuck at sea the ship was fully equipped with its own telecommunication mast that allowed us to receive email messages. Because we were on an American ship, our mobile phones assumed we were in America and adapted its frequencies accordingly. Communicating with the team back in England was also simple and using Blackberry’s Messenger service all messages sent to the team was free. Bonus!

I had planned to finish an article which formed part of the marketing campaign but on reaching the ship I discovered that I had left the usb stick with the article at home – along with some material which I had planned to use as a resource. I remembered that I had emailed the document to myself prior to leaving for the holiday so I knew I could simply download the document from my email account which could be easily accessed using OWA (Outlook Web Access). Once the document was downloaded, I quickly located the missing resources using Google and I was able to complete my article as planned.
Imagine what would have happened if I did not have the tools mentioned above to hand? The cynical amongst you may well say “you would have had more of a holiday” but I disagree. In all honesty, I was able to enjoy my holiday more because my mind was at rest knowing that a) I could be contactable in case of any emergency and b) if I needed to do any urgent work it could be done without hassle.

I am sure you all have your own stories about how Technology saved the day. I for one will never stop singing the praises of the technology giants that have made my life easier. So once again thank you!