As you may know Windows XP, the Grand Doyenne of Operating Systems will soon be retired by Microsoft. Support for Windows XP SP2 ended on July 13, 2010 and by 2014 support for the entire OS will be redundant.

So what does this mean for my business?

Don’t worry if you are not currently running the latest version of Windows. Your PCs should continue to start and run as normal.
The only concern for your business is that when Microsoft withdraws support for an Operating System (OS—i.e. XP, Vista and Windows 7. An OS is like the petrol in your car—it powers your PC) it stops producing critical security updates to protect your PCs from viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

What should I do to protect my network?

If you are currently running XP SP2 (32 Bit) you will need to upgrade to XP SP3 to ensure your PCs remain protected. XP SP3 will continue to be supported through to April 2014. If you are an SS customer we will have programmed your PCs to automatically upgrade to SP3.

You should also consider upgrading to the latest Microsoft Operating System – Windows 7…

Windows 7 you say? Tell me more!

I am glad you asked. Windows 7 is the new kid on the block as far as Microsoft OS is concerned and has been acclaimed by many as the best OS by Microsoft to date achieving what the much derided Vista attempted to do but failed miserably.

You may have seen the adverts on TV about the new OS (”I am a PC and Windows 7 is my idea”) which demonstrated some of the key features of Windows 7.

Let me outline some of these features and tell you why they will benefit your business if you upgrade.

1. Security. Windows 7 is more secure than XP and offers better user controls

2. Greater compatibility. Unlike Windows Vista, most hardware and software is readily compatible with Windows 7 and will work right out of the box, with no need to download and install additional drivers

3. Lower system requirements. Windows 7 does not need as much resource to run in comparison to Vista so you can pretty much run 7 on your current hardware.

4. Simpler Navigation. Features such as Aero-shake and Aero-Peek make navigation so much easier in Windows 7

5. Better Multi-Tasking. Windows 7 now offers a more aesthetically pleasing, icon-based taskbar that lets you permanently pin and organize favourite programs on it. You can additionally point to icons to get thumbnail previews of open files and windows associated with each program, all accessible with a click

6. Simpler File Organisation. Libraries, which serve as all-purpose containers, allow you to conveniently catalogue photos, music, video and files in single locations, no matter where they live on your hard drive. Because of this, it’s a breeze to keep all materials related to the same work project organized in one readily retrievable location.

7. Better overall performance. Enjoy faster boot times improved desktop responsiveness, more reliable desktop search functions, simpler document retrieval. Making it infinitely simpler to organize, store and navigate both your desktop and supported applications.

To find out more about upgrading to Windows 7, get in touch now – 0800 001 5942