As mobile devices become common place, the volume of email received by businesses will be expected to grow and grow. This will be a problem for businesses as their email systems struggle to keep pace and email users struggle to manage the vast amount of messages in their inbox.

The Challenge

This is exactly what happened to our client, a civil engineering company based in Birmingham. 90% of their communications was conducted by email and some of the emails they received came with fairly large CAD attachments. Their Exchange server, which although only supported 30 users, was running out of capacity because of the sheer amount of information held within its mail-store. This was leading to performance problems and concerns about long-term system stability.

The admin staff also struggled to remain on top of their emails and a huge amount of their time was wasted trying to find information whilst doing their own manual email archiving.

“The client wanted to able to access their information quicker”. says Steve Palmer, Technical Services Director, Supreme Systems. “They frequently received emails from clients making amendments to drawings, emails pertaining to particular jobs and frequently needed to refer back to that information – it took them 2 days once to find an email which had valuable information concerning a particular job. The client felt that it would have been very unprofessional to go back to the client to request the information again and so they had to trawl back emails dating back almost one year to find the information”.

The Solution

After discussing how our client would like the archiving solution to work we set about deciding which software would be most suitable for the business. There are many software vendors who provide mail archiving software but by discussing the needs of our client and understanding their requirements we were able to recommend the mail archive solution by GFI.

“GFI was in our opinion the best match for our client and after trialling the software ourselves we were confident to recommend and implement the solution” says Steve Palmer. “The installation and deployment process took less than 2 days to complete and the company began to see benefits instantly”.

For this client there were many benefits derived from implementing a Mail Archive solution including:

  • Storage costs were decreased as the mailstore size was reduced.
  • Limitations on mailboxes could be lifted
  • Staff can now navigate and search their entire mail history simply by typing in keywords or case numbers pertaining to their search request.
  • PC Performance was improved, stability concerns were allayed and most importantly staff productivity was increased.

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