Here’s a story that in a nutshell explains why every business should have a Disaster Recovery Plan

A few months back we received a frantic call from our client, the MD of a printing company based in Redditch. They had arrived for work on Monday morning to find their server missing following a break in during the weekend. He was in a complete panic – his business critical files “were lost forever”; his employees (25 in the head office and 10 based in regional offices in York and Kent) were sitting around idle unable to work and worst of all he had an important production deadline the following day which he feared they would miss because of the inability to access a critical business application on the server.

The Challenge

Our client had every reason to be very concerned about the situation – any business owner in the same position would. In order to get his team back up and running, we would have had to source a brand new server, installed and configured the server, configure emails, load applications, and restore data from existing backups – never mind reconfiguring all client PCs, printers and other network peripherals. A job of this magnitude would normally take between 72 – 96hrs to complete.

The Solution

However he had overlooked one small factor in the midst of his panic. He had “grudgingly” agreed to include our disaster recovery bolt on as part of his support package. When his Account Manager informed him that we would be able to have his team fully functional by lunch time that same day he was initially sceptical – but that was exactly what we did! The disaster recovery solution we provided for this client allowed them to switch over to our data centres where we already had a virtual server purpose built for this client with all their applications and files ready to use (find out how we do this). The client lost only 3hrs in productivity time; met his deadline for the following day and business continued as normal until we were able to restore their physical infrastructure.

“Businesses have become so good at protecting their business data in terms of maintaining backups whether offsite or onsite -but they often forget about their physical infrastructure” says Angela Hart, Client Services Manager at Supreme Systems. “Accidents will happen, hardware can become faulty, thefts are a real possibility and so is fire and flooding. Businesses must be prepared for every eventuality to ensure that no matter what business can continue as usual!”