Protection is better than cure!

The statement above is an adage that we strongly believe in here at Supreme and is one that we encourage our clients to follow. Our 999RESTORE solution provides vital protection for your business critical data and applications if your servers were ever to fail. But have you ever wondered how much of an impact the failure of one of your critical devices would have on your business?

What are Critical Devices?

Critical devices are the IT equipment used by key people / departments in your business. For example it could be the MD’s laptop, the Sales Director’s laptop, the production PC or the billing/payroll desktop in accounts.

Why do I need Critical Device Protection?

Businesses in the most part understand how important it is to protect their business critical data. At Supreme we take daily back ups of our client’s data and check their validity each month with practice restores. Most businesses will do the same or similar – but what they tend to overlook is that although their data may be well looked after, it is the device which they use to access that data that is most likely to go wrong and cause a bottle neck in productivity.

Laptops and PCs on average have a shelf life of between 2 – 5 years and can fail with little or no notice.

The average time it takes to replace a failed laptop or PC is anything up to 96 hrs particularly if you have 3rd party software on your device that will need to be acquired and installed. This length of  downtime is simply unacceptable.  With Critical Device Protection from Supreme we guarantee a replacement laptop/PC within 4hrs for you to use ready loaded with all your applications as before.

Features of our Critical Device Protection

  • 4hr hot spare replacement for you to use whilst we repair your existing device or source and build a permanent replacement
  • Full metal restore – we restore your critical device to its original state – with all your applications
  • No costly hardware required. Pay a small initial set up fee and ongoing monthly management
  • No contract. Cancel when you want

To find out more about Critical Device Protection please give us a call on 0121 309 0060 or email