At SUPREME SYSTEMS we are committed to being a responsible business, both in how we work with our clients but also in terms of how we contribute to the wider community and the world around us. We recognise that our activities as a business has an impact on our communities. We are committed to not only manage that impact but also to use the resources we have in making a real and sustainable difference.


We are actively involved in supporting and developing the local community to make a lasting positive impact.

Some of the initiatives we have adopted include a Give Back scheme – where we pick a local charity to support for the year. Our charity for 2017 is Springfield House Community School.

We donate regularly to local food banks and our employees regularly raise funds during national fund raising initiatives such as Comic Relief and Red Nose Day, with the business matching whatever amount is raised.

We recruit extensively from the local community. 90% of our staff have been enrolled from our apprenticeship program that seeks to recruit young girls and boys interested in entering the IT field.


We work hard to ensure that the negative impact our business has on the environment is minimised. This is governed by our Environmental Policy. We have adopted a Green IT ethos at Supreme – choosing to work with suppliers who share the same. Hardware we resell are chosen not just on quality and price but also on their carbon footprint.

Our People

Our team along with our Clients and Suppliers are key stakeholders in our business so we are committed to ensuring not only their professional development but also their personal development.

We encourage volunteering initiatives, local outreach and any non-role specific training. We strive to make the work place not just a place for work but one where sustainable relationships can be formed. Many of our team feel like Supreme is a second home. This is evident by the fact that we have a low churn rate and many of our employees who have left Supreme for one reason or the other, return.

Our Suppliers

We are committed to always paying our suppliers on time. In 2016 this was achieved 99% of the time.