As we turn 10, even more improvements to our services

1. Better Reporting

You know how you do something one way for so long you fail to see its shortcomings until someone new comes along with fresh eyes and tells you that what you have been doing for so long is, well, meh? This is how we felt recently when we tasked one of our graduates to improve our reporting, really thinking that they would find nothing to improve. But find improvements they did!

Our reports will now allow you to see at a glance what type of issues are affecting your users, include information relating to a particular device plus a chart that will allow you to compare trends through the year. There is so much more valuable information provided in the new reports – there is even a section that outlines the background aspect of our work, so you get a feel of other things we do for you that you don’t see.

We are beta testing the new reports with some of our clients. They go live in September so look out for them – we think you will like them.

2. Model Office Docs

Account Managers have spent time with our customers putting together model office documents for their business. MODs help us define set criteria for each client to ensure that all users have the right IT (hardware and software) that they require to do their jobs.

One benefit of having a predefined MOD is that the new starter process becomes much quicker as the MOD document will contain information that lets us know what the new starter will need on day one. For example, which drives they need access to, printers, permissions etc.

3. Annual Re-Onboard

We allow a six-week period to onboard all customers. This gives us time to get to know the new client – their users, different departments, way of working and IT Infrastructure. Onboard is valuable in ensuring that we can support our new customers adequately, but we know that things don’t always stay the same and often change. Therefore, re-onboarding each year will help keep the information we collated initially during onboard up to date.

4. More Show& Tell Events

Our Cyber Security seminars were well received by clients, so we are looking at doing more of this type of event this year. Service Delivery are in the process of agreeing a subject area, so we will keep you posted.

5. Introducing Performance Tune Ups

We will be arranging performance tune ups for all customers on an annual basis. Performance Tune Ups are like servicing your car but for your IT equipment. These will be performed annually, and service delivery will be in touch to book yours. This is a complimentary service.

6. Include WPRS site as part of DR

A question we often get asked when people subscribe to our DR service is if we also provide a Work Place Recovery Site (WPRS). A WPRS is a site you can go to if for any reason you are unable to use your normal business site (because of fire, flooding, terrorist activity, etc.) Up until recently that answer has been no, however because having a WPRS is an essential aspect of Business Continuity, we have now partnered with several service office providers to ensure we can provide this as an additional service. Prices start from £50/month, please speak to your account manager for further information.

7. Sorry is not enough

The song goes that sorry is the hardest word but sometimes sorry is not enough! We want you to hold us to accountable if we fall to meet agreed SLAs so from 1st September 2018, we will refund you a percentage of your monthly support payment if we fail to meet agreed SLAs. We are in the process of defining the criteria for rebate, these will be outlined in the new reports we send out in September.


The Way We Work – IT Support that works for Birmingham & West Midlands Business

As you may already know before attaining the heights of stardom as a Subject Matter Expert, I wore the hat of an account executive (sounds better than saying salesperson I think…) here at Supreme Systems. One question I was always asked during the sales presentation (and the one I took the most pride in answering) was the “why should I choose you over company ABC” question. Every salesperson relishes the opportunity to extol the virtues of the product or service that they represent and I was no different. I remember the very first time I was asked this question and I delivered what I felt was a winning pitch (it was – we won the contract) that was able to convey the message that “IT makes sense to choose Supreme”

I decided to write this article after we (Suzie, Sim and I) where drafted in to create a video that would tell prospects exactly why we believe they should choose Supreme Systems as their IT Support Partner. Whilst thinking of what I would say in the video, memories of my past life experience working in sales came flooding back and I was transported to that moment at the end of the sales process when the question was asked. I recall the pride, passion and conviction in my voice as I delivered the now mastered pitch that still never failed to leave goose pimples down my arms and for the most part seal the deal.

I believe that the complete belief I exhibited each time I gave the “everything will be ok if you choose Supreme Systems” was successful because prospective clients could feel the sincerity of my patter and were assured that their IT would be in good hands. I have worked for the company now for 6 years and I know hand on heart that when Supreme Systems comes into the picture things start to become stable. We may not be a Logica or Capita (yet…) but goodness, we work hard to ensure that IT works for our clients.

We are not your typical IT Company – we do things differently here. The secret is in the way we work – our approach to IT Support that I believe gives us that certain je ne sais quoi that stands us apart from the crowd. We always see things from the end users perspective (i.e. the cost to you if any issue remains unresolved for a period of time) rather than our own view point; we understand that sometimes engineers may get a little technical so our Technical Liaison Managers will help translate any tech speak so you know what is going on. Our client services managers are customer ambassadors that work in the best interest of our clients. Led by the formidable Sim Hayer – aka the General, the CS team are tasked to ensure our clients are 100% happy all the time; Our Subject Matter Experts will tirelessly investigate and road test the latest technologies that could make your business more productive and profitable. We are fanatic about improving the way we work so we will strive to achieve accreditations that come with a quality stamp of approval. We are currently ACCREDIT Certified but we are also in the process of becoming ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.

Success is on boarding the right way, proactive support, review meetings, round table discussions, taster offers, Tracker, CS Road Maps, Business Continuity and 999Restore.I won’t embellish too much here on what these all mean for you, just in case there are competitors lurking about (book a meeting and I will tell you more) but they really do make for a better partnership between us and our clients – partnership were we become their trusted technology partner.

Supreme Systems gets my rubber stamp of approval – but then I am biased. Find out for yourself why you should choose Supreme with confidence. Call us today on 0800 001 5942


A typical day of a Technical Liaison Manager at Supreme Systems, An IT Company based in Birmingham

I don’t really have a typical day, as my role at Supreme gets me involved in a vast array of technologies, all over the country, but an average day is typically like the following:

9:00. First job of the day, while the morning kettle is boiling, is to check my e-mail. IT Support tickets logged overnight will send me an e-mail automatically, and of course I have to check through my standard e-mail in case a customer has informed me directly about an issue. Meanwhile, the first line engineers will be checking through their e-mail as well, looking at the automatically generated logs from the servers we support, looking for any issues and flagging them up for attention. So if a backup fails for example, this is when we will pick it up. Assuming that there is nothing that requires our urgent attention, the next thing the technical team does is to go through any open support tickets together, and prioritize any outstanding work. At this point I know roughly the work I’m going to be doing that day, and I can plan around it.

10:00. It’s more likely than not that I’ll have some sort of scheduled meeting that day, and I prefer to do this in the morning when I can, in case I get tied up in technical work later in the day. This can be anything that requires a representative of the technical team to talk to an existing or prospective customer. Often I’ll attend sales meetings, to make sure anything discussed is correct from a technical side. Considering how many people don’t like meetings, I have to admit I enjoy these. I rarely lead the meetings, but I’m often called upon to explain various technologies, and the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of doing things. I’m a sociable person who loves talking about technology, so that suits me just fine.

12:00. Lunchtime. Unless there is something causing severe problems for a customer, in which case we’ll likely be working right through. Fortunately, the non-technical staff here our kind enough to go out and fetch us some nutrition (Nothing that can mess up a keyboard!) if we’re working right through. I learnt early in IT support you shouldn’t skip lunch entirely. You need your brain, and you don’t think as well if you’re hungry.

13:00. If it’s a good day, then we should have had any problems reported today sorted out by now, and our decks are clear. Much as I’d love to put my feet up and bask in the glory of an empty help-desk queue, we can’t get away with that. I.T. moves fast, and our customers are always looking for something new. So often this time is used to carry out research on the part of customers, such as choosing a good CRM system, or planning ways of providing extra features that have been requested. Failing that, we’re training. We bank on our engineers being skilled, so learning has to be a continuous process.
If it’s a less good day, on the other hand, then we’ll be working on technical problems, either on going ones or newly reported that afternoon. We want our customers systems to give us as little trouble as possible, so we try to make sure the fixes we make are solid, and problems will not re-occur. But despite that, sometimes we’ll have a run of issues. So everyone pitches in, and if you have to stay late…Well, I knew that when I got into I.T. My wife knew it was coming when she married me!

17:00. Normally this is when I aim to finish. But I could be on a customer site in another city, so it doesn’t bear much relation as to when I get home. And often there’ll be some “homework”. A server reset to do outside of hours, or a user who isn’t available till late this whole week. These tend to be “courtesy” jobs however, occasional work for the convenience of our customers. We’ve set ourselves up to work wherever we have an internet connection, which feels like a mixed blessing sometimes!

I hope this gave you an insight as to how I work – don’t forget if you need any on-going IT support to call the team on 0800 001 5942 or simply email vip@www.supremesystems.co.uk

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IT Support You Can Trust – A Letter to Business Owners in Birmingham & the West Midlands

Dear Business Owner,

Running and growing your own business can be one of the most rewarding things you do in life….it can also be one of the most frustrating and challenging accomplishments you embark on.

You need solutions that enable you to run your business the way you want without putting a strain on your two most valuable resources – time and money. That’s why we started Supreme Systems.

Our entire focus is on helping businesses get ahead by using technology effectively to help make their businesses more productive and in turn more profitable. We believe that IT should be the least of your worries which is why we promise that if you choose Supreme as your trusted IT partner your team will have fewer IT issues and when they do we will strive to resolve them as fast as we can.

I would like to highlight three things that set us apart from other technical support companies:

  • We guarantee a 1 hour response time to your network emergencies to minimize downtime
  • We don’t work 9-5, we work 9-fixed! Our highly qualified engineers will always strive to resolve your issues as quickly as possible and we will continue working on your problem until it is fixed.
  • Our stock answer is YES! Even if your query falls outside our remit, we will always do our best to help so just ask.

Every company is different and faces different challenges. Before recommending our services it’s important we listen to the unique requirements of each individual client, find out what the legacy issues and current challenges are and discuss goals for the future. I would welcome the opportunity to have a discussion like this with you.

If you are looking for an IT company to come alongside your business as a trusted IT partner and would like to discuss this further please call the Supreme office on 0800 001 5942 and speak to myself or a member of the technical team. Or you can email me suzie@www.supremesystems.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Suzannah Evans
Business Development Director
Supreme Systems