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Think of DR as an insurance policy. Here’s why…

A few months back we received a frantic call from our customer,…
July 22, 2015/by amais
Disaster Recovery Birmingham

How to Avoid a Data Disaster

This Infographic looks at the main causes of data loss and provides…
April 22, 2015/by amais
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10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can Benefit From Microsoft Office 365

Cloud computing (dubbed as the next generation of IT) is increasingly…
December 22, 2014/by amais
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A typical day of a Technical Liaison Manager at Supreme Systems, An IT Company based in Birmingham

I don’t really have a typical day, as my role at Supreme gets…
August 22, 2014/by amais
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10 Excellent Cloud Applications for Small Businesses

1. Sales Force – Customer Relationship Management –

May 22, 2014/by amais
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Stabilising Your IT Environment in 6 Weeks! – A view from an IT Company in Birmingham

Not possible I hear you say! Yes it is say the Supreme team…..…
February 22, 2014/by amais
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4 Things You Should Definitely Consider Doing This Year

Made your New Year’s Resolutions? Here are 4 more you may want…
December 22, 2013/by amais
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IT Support You Can Trust – A Letter to Business Owners in Birmingham & the West Midlands

Dear Business Owner,

Running and growing your own business…
July 22, 2013/by amais
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Microsoft, Google, RIM, Apple, Twitter , Facebook – We Thank You!

This post is really a letter of gratitude to the movers and shakers…
May 22, 2013/by amais

Windows XP Upgrade…Time is running out!

We recently received a new business call from the Financial…
December 22, 2012/by amais
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Time is running out. Upgrade to Windows 7 Soon!

As you may know Windows XP, the Grand Doyenne of Operating Systems…
February 22, 2011/by amais