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2017 IT Resolutions

1.       Do Some IT Housekeeping. March is traditionally the time for a good spring clean and this should also apply to business as well! Organise a clear out of defunct machines, tidy up your server room do away with unruly cables. Get labelling and… 2.       …create an asset register. This way you know what IT assets […]

Are We Secure?

This is without doubt the question we get asked most by our clients – and it demonstrates that security is upper most on their minds. Our answer is always yes…although there is no such thing as 100% security (be weary of companies that promise you 100% security). The dark types as we like to call […]

Reducing Cyber Risk – User Education and Awareness

Reducing Cyber Risk – User Education and Awareness Unfortunately, the use of a business’s IT by its users brings with it various risks. As such it is essential for all staff to be aware of their personal security responsibilities and the need to also comply with corporate security policies. This can be achieved through regular […]

Our top tips to better business security

Managing user privileges – Some of you might say, “Why do we need to prevent colleagues from accessing certain areas on the systems or internet?” Well… If an important file gets corrupted or deleted by accident, it can cause a huge dilemma in the office! Managing user privileges stops your colleagues from accessing certain files […]