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To HAAS or not to HAAS…

SMEs have one major advantage over big business. Their very nature means they can leverage technology for a competitive edge much faster than bigger business. Moore’s Law – a concept named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore which is often used to refer to the quick pace of technology advances – states that computer chip processing power doubles every two years. Today, […]

IT spend a concern? These ideas may help…

Embrace Change The world is changing rapidly and keeping up with the newest technological advancements will give you options to lower IT expenditure. Some strategies you could adopt include: Removing manual processes – first identify where your staff could potentially improve, then research methods to decrease paperwork and automate processes. Implementing cloud computing – it […]

5 Easy Ways To Disaster Proof Your Business

1. Connect to the Office from Wherever You Are Our engineers could connect to Supreme and access office tools and files using VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network. We won’t bore you with too much technical information, but a VPN provides a connection via the Internet between a remote PC and your office’s server. […]