Prevention costs a whole lot less than Cure

Protecting your systems from viruses is essential to safeguarding the security of your network. When an infection enters your system – depending on the type of virus it is, the least it can do is slow down the PC it infects. However, more malicious viruses can steal critical business information; delete key files or make your system redundant.

Trying to eradicate viruses from your system can be time consuming, disruptive and to some extent expensive. It is so much better for businesses to take measures that ensure their systems are safeguarded against potential threats.

We always advise our clients to take a multi-tiered approach to stopping viruses, SPAM and malware from entering their systems. Emails, websites, downloads from illegal software sharing websites are all common sources of infection, but your systems can also be easily infected by viruses brought into the business by staff.

Guarding against viruses and spam

  • Protect Your Email Gateway

    Eradicating viruses quickly and stopping spam is crucial to ensuring your business’s network is secure. One of the most common methods in which viruses can be introduced into your system is via emails so we implement IT solutions that will tackle virus and spam right at the Email Gateway way before they enter your systems.

  • Protecting Your Desktop

    To prevent viruses and malware getting onto your computers, we will only use tried and tested anti-virus solutions such as Symantec and Kaspersky. We will configure all our clients PCs to ensure that their desktops receive regular patches so they are protected from the latest virus and we conduct periodic PC MOTs to check the general health of your PCs.

  • Protecting Your Servers

    We apply anti-virus to your servers and employ 24/7 systems monitoring and patch management to ensure your servers are in tip top condition.

  • Web Protection via web filtering

    To ensure that viruses are not introduced to your network via your employees accessing dangerous sites.

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