To HAAS or not to HAAS…

SMEs have one major advantage over big business. Their very nature means they can leverage technology for a competitive edge much faster than bigger business. Moore’s Law – a concept named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore which is often used to refer to the quick pace of technology advances – states that computer chip processing power doubles every two years.

Today, about half a century since the creation of Moore’s Law, that time frame is usually quoted as only 18 months, and sometimes even less. This can be problematic for SMEs as they may not always have the resources or cash-flow necessary to keep up with technology changes. A great way to keep current with rapidly evolving IT innovations, while still controlling costs, is Hardware-as-a Service (HaaS).

The concept of Haas has been around for years. When your internet provider installs a new router to replace an outdated one, or your mobile provider sends you the latest mobile phone included in your monthly plan, they are essentially providing hardware along with the service.

Outdated IT equipment can be even more costly, especially to a small or midsized organization. It can lead to poor productivity, lower revenue and lost data. HaaS is essentially leasing IT equipment which your business would otherwise have purchased outright.

Some Benefits of HaaS:


By not having to spend a lot of money upfront for your next major IT upgrade, HaaS has the financial benefit of converting a large capital expense into a more manageable operating expense. This can free up your cash flow and provide more working capital, which is critical to many organizations.

A fixed monthly cost also makes technology expenses budgetable.  HaaS removes the unpredictability factor involved with maintenance and upkeep.


A HaaS solution includes timely upgrades to state-of-the-art technology. This eliminates a great deal of buyer angst which so often accompanies IT purchases.

Remember Moore’s Law? You can’t expect to be successful in tomorrow’s business landscape using yesterday’s tools. HaaS is a great way to stay current with state-of-the-art technology specific to your industry and business goals and needs – from multifunction printers and copiers, to servers, computers, peripherals and more.


The proactive service model associated with HaaS delivers a high level of service integrity and operational reliability. Ongoing support and contact with an MSP is also a good way to ensure the best operating practices are used with your hardware.

Too often, new hardware is purchased and maintenance is neglected due to costs. With a HaaS solution, the equipment and service is included in the SLA. You can forget about the potential implications of equipment failure and system crashes right after a warranty expires. Just let your MSP resolve – or better yet, prevent – the problem.


HaaS has built in scalability. As your organization grows and changes, so does your technology needs. With HaaS you can integrate any number of new components, from one to many, all depending on your business needs.


When it comes to IT hardware and security, new is often better. Network security sometimes requires both hardware and software updates. With HaaS, it is easy upgrade to the latest hardware if it is necessary for security reasons.

There are many more benefits of HaaS than the list provided above. If you would like to find out more about our own HaaS solution speak to Julian on
0121 309 0126.
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