5 Easy Ways To Disaster Proof Your Business

1. Connect to the Office from Wherever You Are

Our engineers could connect to Supreme and access office tools and files using VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network. We won’t bore you with too much technical information, but a VPN provides a connection via the Internet between a remote PC and your office’s server. It’s like taking a network cable at your office and walking home with it, pulling it through the streets, and plugging it into your laptop when you get home. When you want to access the office server from a remote location, VPN software on your laptop establishes a secure point-to-point tunnel through the Internet with your office to access your data.

There are other remote access tools that allow you to do the same thing. Teamviewer and Logmein are great alternatives but speak to our Service Delivery Team (SDT) about which tool would be suitable for you.

2. Receive & Make Landline Calls Like You Were in the Office

We are massive fans of VOIP. Not only is VOIP so much cheaper than traditional landlines, it is also very portable. Using Supreme as an example, all team members have our VOIP application on their laptops and on their mobile phones so users working from home could continue making and receiving calls as if they were in the office.

3. Get a WPRS

What if the disaster stops you from using the office at all? This happened to a client recently who suffered flooding at their offices. They were unable to use the office for three weeks so staff were moved to a temporary Work Place Recovery Site (WPRS). Typically, a WPRS would be a replica of your main office which will allow for core services to continue.

Maintaining a dedicated WPRS may prove quite expensive so consider sharing a WPRS site with other businesses or even coming to an agreement with serviced office providers. Many will provide office space and internet connectivity at short notice and for flexile terms.

4. Collaborate and Meet Online

If getting a WPRS is not an option, do consider meeting online. Great applications such as Skype for Business or Google+ Hangouts allow you and your team to make conference calls, have online meetings and collaborate remotely on projects.

5. Get a DR solution

We are massive advocates of having a robust DR solution – which goes further than a standard data backup. A good DR solution in our opinion is “insurance” for your critical IT systems and should provide as a minimum, bare metal recovery (i.e. everything restored “as is”) with a range of restore points. Our DR solution 999RESTORE does all this plus provides customers with a loan server if anything were to happen to their server. Find out more about our DR services here or give Julian a call on 0121 309 0126.


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