January 2017 News Letter

2017 IT Resolutions

1.       Do Some IT Housekeeping.
March is traditionally the time for a good spring clean and this should also apply to business as well! Organise a clear out of defunct machines, tidy up your server room do away with unruly cables. Get labelling and…
2.       …create an asset register.
This way you know what IT assets you have avoiding any unnecessary expenditure in the future. An asset register also ensures that you can better prepare for future investment in IT (refresh cycles).  We maintain asset registers on behalf of all our clients, if you need help creating your own asset register there are some great software that will help you do this automatically such as this one
3.       Start thinking ahead and plan for the future.
Many businesses already know what their short, mid and long term goals are, so ensure IT is aligned by having an IT Strategy. Do a Google search, you will find some great templates.
4.       Think of the environment and Go Green!
There are so many ways in which you can adopt a Green IT ethos into your business. Looking to The Cloud is one way to achieve your green credentials. Cloud Computing can mean so many different things (hosted server, hosted mails, hosted applications). Throughout 2017, we will be extolling the virtues of The Cloud and showing you ways in which your business can benefit from it.
5.       Reduce Your Phone Bill…with VOIP.
VOIP stands for Voice Over IP and it basically means making calls using the internet. Although it’s take up is growing, the use of VOIP still has not reached the levels as seen in America for example. Which is surprising given how much money you can save over standard PSTN. We will be discussing VOIP as part of our Cloud Computing series so watch this space…
6.       Are You Secure?
Along with the IT Housekeeping how about organising a Security Audit? Good IT security is essential in these times so audit your IT environment to plug any gaps in your security. See our guide here for some tips
7.       Get Smart, Get DR!
There we go again sounding like a broken record but…having a good DR solution is the most important resolution you can make this year. Look for something that ensures that you are back up and running in the shortest time possible. Our 999RESTORE service is a great DR solution if you are looking. We guarantee a 1hr Return Time of Service (how much time you are down for) and a 1hr Return Point of Service (how much data max you will lose). Find out more here