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As you may already know before attaining the heights of stardom as a Subject Matter Expert, I wore the hat of an account executive (sounds better than saying salesperson I think…) here at Supreme Systems. One question I was always asked during the sales presentation (and the one I took the most pride in answering) was the “why should I choose you over company ABC” question. Every salesperson relishes the opportunity to extol the virtues of the product or service that they represent and I was no different. I remember the very first time I was asked this question and I delivered what I felt was a winning pitch (it was – we won the contract) that was able to convey the message that “IT makes sense to choose Supreme”

I decided to write this article after we (Suzie, Sim and I) where drafted in to create a video that would tell prospects exactly why we believe they should choose Supreme Systems as their IT Support Partner. Whilst thinking of what I would say in the video, memories of my past life experience working in sales came flooding back and I was transported to that moment at the end of the sales process when the question was asked. I recall the pride, passion and conviction in my voice as I delivered the now mastered pitch that still never failed to leave goose pimples down my arms and for the most part seal the deal.

I believe that the complete belief I exhibited each time I gave the “everything will be ok if you choose Supreme Systems” was successful because prospective clients could feel the sincerity of my patter and were assured that their IT would be in good hands. I have worked for the company now for 6 years and I know hand on heart that when Supreme Systems comes into the picture things start to become stable. We may not be a Logica or Capita (yet…) but goodness, we work hard to ensure that IT works for our clients.

We are not your typical IT Company – we do things differently here. The secret is in the way we work – our approach to IT Support that I believe gives us that certain je ne sais quoi that stands us apart from the crowd. We always see things from the end users perspective (i.e. the cost to you if any issue remains unresolved for a period of time) rather than our own view point; we understand that sometimes engineers may get a little technical so our Technical Liaison Managers will help translate any tech speak so you know what is going on. Our client services managers are customer ambassadors that work in the best interest of our clients. Led by the formidable Sim Hayer – aka the General, the CS team are tasked to ensure our clients are 100% happy all the time; Our Subject Matter Experts will tirelessly investigate and road test the latest technologies that could make your business more productive and profitable. We are fanatic about improving the way we work so we will strive to achieve accreditations that come with a quality stamp of approval. We are currently ACCREDIT Certified but we are also in the process of becoming ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.

Success is on boarding the right way, proactive support, review meetings, round table discussions, taster offers, Tracker, CS Road Maps, Business Continuity and 999Restore.I won’t embellish too much here on what these all mean for you, just in case there are competitors lurking about (book a meeting and I will tell you more) but they really do make for a better partnership between us and our clients – partnership were we become their trusted technology partner.

Supreme Systems gets my rubber stamp of approval – but then I am biased. Find out for yourself why you should choose Supreme with confidence. Call us today on 0800 001 5942

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