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If you did not know, Microsoft Office 356 delivers cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes and as an external provider of cloud services it is important to consider what security measures are actively in place to help protect customer data . The areas which normally arise with regards to security usually include data protection, privacy and data ownership. Therefore this blog has been written to identify the measures Microsoft has taken to respond to these concerns.

The current challenges in relation to cloud security include an increasing trend in mobile access to information, which has created a haven for cyber-crime. In order to maintain maximum precaution, strategies to research, monitor and prevent emerging threats are needed which means time and money for any organisation. This is where a program like Office 365 comes in. Microsoft invests a lot of money into its data center’s where the need for secure access is a highly communicated initiative. This also includes anti-spam and anti-virus technology which has been automated to counteract virtual threats.

No stranger to online services, Microsoft have gained considerable experience since the introduction of MSN in 1994. Recognizing that security is an on-going process, measures were taken to protect data from harm, whether a natural disaster or unauthorized access. This was done by a committed approach to monitoring data infrastructures, applying industry practices and investments in high-end technology in order to keep data safe. This also meant security needed to be built into the software from the start to further increase security. As Office 365 has been designed for secure access over the Internet, users have the option of creating strong passwords to enforce data protection. Alternatively users can also apply for a Federated ID which aims to increase security measures by actively monitoring on-premise-access to the system. And if this is not enough, Office 365 software hosts a range of in-built encryption’s which comply with all necessary daily activities such as emailing, documenting and even voice-mail messages. Considering the above, it seems that Office 365 covers a wide range of security initiatives designed to make the user feel at ease when it comes to handling data. Data security will always remain a major concern for businesses of all sizes and the need for high security initiatives by external cloud services should not be ignored. As demonstrated, Microsoft Office 365 is one example of a forward thinking company who takes into account the vulnerability of cloud business applications only to provide effective on going solutions. And just in case I missed it out, Office 365 wholeheartedly emphasizes user responsibility where their Trust Center provides highly valuable information on how you can increase effective handling of sensitive data.

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