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Growth Vouchers – What you can claim for…

I hope you had an enjoyable summer break and back to work feeling revitalised.

Just a quick email – you will recall I sent an email to you back in July regarding the government’s growth voucher scheme which we are accredited consultants for. If you did not receive the email, you can find it on our blog here

I have received a number of queries regarding what the vouchers can be used for so I thought I would send you an email to give you some ideas on how you can utilise the vouchers to get worthwhile business advice for your business – from an IT standpoint.

1.       Growth & Expansion

Thinking about moving office? Selling abroad? Expanding your team? We can give strategic advice on ways in which IT can help you achieve these goals. Use your growth voucher to get and pay for advice on:

  • Upgrading existing equipment to ensure your new team is more productive (i.e. new server upgrades, new OS upgrades),
  • Better IT security (do you have problems with spam, viruses, internet misuse and you need strategic advice on tacking these issues),
  • How you can make your new premises “technology proficient,
  • Getting the best broadband provision.
  • IT Failure Prevention – the bigger you get, the more dependant your business is on its IT systems. These systems are not infallible so you must put in place provisions to ensure that your business carries on as usual if they fail. You can get strategic advice on how you can implement fail-safe measures such as disaster recovery solutions that keep your systems ticking away.

2.       Competitive Advantage

In today’s fast moving market place, only the fittest as they say survive so why not get strategic advice on how you can use IT to improve your internal processes and make your business leaner and much more efficient?

The strategic advice we can give can include:

  •        Looking at ways in which you can reduce your IT costs with Cloud Technology;
  • Advice on implementing a company intranet and how to effectively use it;
  • Looking at software to help improve your in-house processes such as ERP or CRM solutions
  • Helping you reduce your communication cost or improve inter-company communications by looking at unified messaging solutions such as Lync (great for communication with teams/clients/suppliers in other countries).

3.       People Development

  • Your people are your best assets and investing in their development particularly with IT is a great way to keep them vested in your business. You can use your growth voucher to get advice on getting the best IT related training for your team.

Once we invoice for the work we do (i.e. upgrade for a new server for example) you can pay for part of this fee using your growth voucher as an element of the invoice will be consultative work. There is a 50:50 split – the government can pay up to £2,000 and you pay the rest. We will let you know how much of the total invoice you can claim.

You can find out more by visiting Applying is easy – and I recommend applying for a voucher even if you don’t think you will need any such work at present. We all know how quickly things can change.

Give me a call if you want me to answer any questions – I am always happy to help.

Thanks and regards as always!

Angie Hart

Tel: 01213090060


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